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Name: Holli
Age: 19
height: 5'2"
current weight: 145 ins *cries*
goal weight: 80-85 ibs
BMI: 26.56
Email: scarylifeofana@yahoo.com or girliegirl@buzzle.com
Yahoo IM: scarylifeofana@yahoo.com

I really don't know how to introduce myself to these making friends groups. So, I'll try my best.
I like meeting new people. I've been looking lately for though is someone that are living with thier boy/girlfriend/husbands/wife, so that way we can help each other with hiding our ed, by share tips, ideas, etc. But even if your not living together or just not with anyone I'll still like to talk with you, or whatever. You can add me to your friends list on your journal, or on your yahoo IM, or just email me if you want someone to talk too.
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